West Point and Area Watersheds Inc

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West Point and Area Watersheds Inc.


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Watershed Activities

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This project focused on the maintenance of habitat in Glenwood Pond and stream habitat restoration in Big Pierre Jacques and Little Pierre Jacques Rivers in the West Point watershed, Prince County.

Over the winter of 2015-16, Glenwood Pond was drawn down to allow the excess of algae to die and decay. When it was re-flooded in March with the help of Ducks Unlimited, it created a renewed environment for fish, surrounding wildlife and boating. It also helped breathe new life into recreational fishing which encouraged people to come back to the area. Removal of silt through excavation of a 40×40’ pool downstream of the pond provided shade and deep water habitat where fish could school and rest before venturing up the fish-way into the pond. Excavation was completed by a local contractor with a long-reach excavator and the spoils trucked away.

Water flow and fish habitat were greatly improved once blockages created by in-stream debris and alders were cleaned up along our six stream systems. No beaver blockages were discovered. Planting of 200 native trees along the stream and in beaver meadows provided shade and helps to keep the stream cool. When planted in the riparian zone, trees provide shelter to many species of fauna and attract wildlife.