Souris and Area Branch of the PEI Wildlife Federation

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Souris and Area Branch of the PEI Wildlife Federation


Project Title:
Souris and Area Wildlife Stream Enhancement

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Project Summary:

This project focused on restoring the ecological health of watersheds in the northeast of PEI for aquatic, coastal and riparian wildlife.

The project goals revisited:

1. Plant 1000 trees/shrubs in riparian zones within our management area
Planted shrubs/trees in Rollo Bay River, Souris River, Priest Pond
2. Plant 1,500 marram grass plugs on a beach yet to be determined as to not to interfere with the Piping Plover
Planted Marram grass on Souris beach in area covering approximately 1,250 square metres
3. Adjustments to gabion structures on Naufrage River
Used rock from stream bed to refurbish existing gabions
4. Reconstruct and realign a culvert mitigation project on Cross River at Souris Line Road
Had several meetings with Department of Highways and engineers from Atlantic Salmon Federation who have agreed to develop an architectural plan to create pools suitable for fish passage
5. Stream enhancement in the East Lake, North Lake, Campbell’s Creek, Priest Pond, Cross River, Hay River, Bear River, Naufrage, Cow River, MacAskill’s River, Fortune River, Souris River, Rollo Bay Creek and Black Pond systems
Stream enhancement activities included trimming back alders, installing deflectors and general maintenance.
6. Conduct Atlantic salmon and Brook trout redd assessments
Redd assessments were carried out in rivers. Acute weather conditions, very cold water temperatures and heavy rains resulting in higher than usual water levels in many of our watersheds resulted in lower than average redd numbers. Persistent and heavy beaver activity in many of our systems has also contributed to lower redd counts for 2016 in our management zone.
7. Record active beaver sites, GPS these sites and cut trails for trappers to take out during the season
Beavers were trapped out of a number of areas
8. Complete stream health monitoring projects including water temperatures, habitat assessments, benthic invertebrate surveys (CABIN) and fish population surveys
Temperature loggers have been deployed in the streams. Habitat assessments were undertaken in North Lake, Priest Pond, Hay River, Cow River, Bear River, East Lake, Fortune, Cross River, Naufrage and Souris River. CABIN pre-existing sites were surveyed.
9. Community Aquatic Monitoring Programme (CAMP) Souris and Basin Head
Completed CAMP surveys with DFO.
10. Provide outreach and volunteer opportunities to local schools and communities
A variety of outreach and volunteer opportunities were offered to the public, including eco-tours, school presentations and field trips. Overall, we had 1,547 participants in for our public events
11. Monitor Atlantic salmon smolt on North Lake for scientific purposes to further study our ancestral salmon population
A trap was set up in North Lake with the assistance of partners. We monitored the trap throughout early summer and implanted 40 acoustic tags in smolts caught in the trap. The Canadian Rivers Institute is now monitoring their progress. We also undertook electrofishing in North Lake to take more fin clippings for future research.
12. Provide communication to stakeholders
Newsletters were released to over 2000 households in the local area