Brush Mats

Richmond Bay Watershed Association

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Richmond Bay Watershed Association


Project Title:
Healthy Watersheds, A Sustainable Balance

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Project Summary:

This project focused on restoring the ecological health of three watersheds, Trout River, Little Trout River and Mill Creek, near Richmond (Prince County). Activities included:

  • planting riparian buffers
  • mitigating the impact of past sedimentation events through various stream restoration activities on 5.5 kms of river, including the development of a critical sediment by-pass pond
  • installing in-stream rock armouring and cover structures.
  • identification of invasive species on the Little Trout River

Together, these efforts improve water quality and fish habitat through reductions of in-stream sediment and have improved wildlife corridors, resulting in enhanced food, nesting and shelter resources for our native aquatic and riparian wildlife species.

The project goals revisited:

1. Provide opportunities for public involvement in watershed management
Thirty volunteers helped organize events, 35 partnerships were developed and 15 participants were involved in events
2. Restore riparian buffer zones
1,350 native trees were planted and a 97% survival rate recorded; 800 kgs garbage remove; 50 brush piles created for wildlife use
3. Improve in-stream cover for fish
70 cover structures installed
4. Restore degraded in-stream habitat on three river systems
33 brushmats installed covering 3,164 square feet, 3 stream bank armouring structures installed, 1 sediment bypass pond constructed
5. Restore connectivity of aquatic habitats
28 beavers removed and 1 km of stream access restored for native brook trout