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MacLean’s Pond: Wetland Protection and Fish Passage Project

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An engineering assessment of MacLean’s Pond dam had determined that the hydrologic capacity of the water level control structure was 50% below current construction standards (1-in-100 year flood) and was at high risk of failure. Such an event would have led to major alteration / loss of the wetland habitat contained above the structure, and damage to the estuarine habitat downstream where oyster spat is collected. Also, fish passage was compromised by the dam structure and a fish ladder with a velocity barrier under certain flow regimes. This project remedied both situations by creating a new run-around bypass structure that will both permit fish passage and prevent dam washout.

Goal 1: replaced the north wall of the existing spillway (that was showing damage from high water flows). Stabilized the structure and increased the hydrologic capacity by modifying the existing fishway walls and raising the height of the existing dyke
Goal 2: constructed and stabilized a run-around bypass channel specifically designed to pass all species of fish even during high flow conditions
Goal 3: promoting stewardship in local landowners and residents by enhancing a valuable local wetland for environmental, recreational and aesthetic purposes