Ellen’s Creek Watershed Group Inc

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Ellen’s Creek Watershed Group Inc. 2014


Project Title:
City of Charlottetown Anadromous Fish Habitat Restoration

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Project Summary:

Since 2014, ECWG has partnered with the PEI WCF in various projects to rehabilitate wildlife habitat in and around Ellen’s Creek. Each year, we see direct benefits to wildlife habitat and in particular, brook trout and rainbow smelt. The rainbow smelt run in 2016 was the largest ever with smelt observed spawning ¾ of a km higher up Ellen’s Creek than ever seen before. During our in-stream field work, we observed more schools of young of the year brook trout, and more and larger brook trout the length of Ellen’s Creek. The presence of more and larger brook trout was confirmed in the results of our 2016 electrofishing survey. We are also observing evidence of recreational anglers (especially young adults) rediscovering Ellen’s Creek as a place to fish within the City limits.

Through in-stream and riparian zone rehabilitation, the project goal is to increase anadromous fish production in Ellen’s Creek, the only remaining stream within the City of Charlottetown that anadromous fish such as smelts and brook trout can still access the headwaters to spawn. Though Ellen’s Creek is the focus of this project, rehabilitation activities also took place in Hazard Creek and Hermitage Creek.

The grant provided by the PEI Wildlife Conservation Fund allows our group to top-up the wages of our summer students. The work they undertook included:

  • Stream blockage removals
  • Riparian zone rehabilitation
  • Garbage removal
  • Invasive species control