Cascumpec Bay Watershed Association Inc

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Cascumpec Bay Watershed Association Inc.


Project Title:
Marchbank Pond Project

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Project Summary:

This project re-established the dam and spillway at Marchbank Pond, one of the premiere migratory bird and fish ponds in Western PEI. The pond is now operational with a working fish-way. Ducks and geese have been seen resting there this fall (2016) and the fish-way water flow is back to “normal” with all fish passage problems corrected.

The project goals revisited:

1: Remove vegetation from top portion of dam not rebuilt in 2015
The vegetation was removed and debris was disposed as per recommendation of the Department of Fish and Wildlife.
2: Buildup portion of dam not built up in 2015, about 160 feet. The buildup required is approximately 16 inches.
The dam was built up 16 inches. The engineer and PEI FFW dam specialist examined the work and concluded the entire dam should be built up an additional 12 inches in order to protect against rain and melt events such as the ones experienced in the last few years. This work was completed as per engineer’s recommendations. CBWA agreed and proceeded to complete this work. Final results are a dam that is designed to withstand water events that are now too familiar to Prince Edward Island.
3: Re-seed top surface of the dam.
The complete surface of the dam and surrounding areas that were disturbed by the project were straw matted and seeded.
4: Secure over-flow section at the back of the dam with rock.
3 loads of NB rock, 3 loads of PEI rock, and copious amounts of filter fabric were brought in and placed to secure the over-flow and spill way area of the dam. This was done in conjunction with 75 Westisle students. The process of placing the NB rock required substantial heavy machine work.