Cascumpec Bay Watershed Association Inc

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Cascumpec Bay Watershed Association Inc.


Project Title:
Wilkie Pond Project

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Project Summary:

This project re-established one of the premiere migratory bird refuges in the Cascumpec Bay area. The pond had been in existence for over 100 years and had quite a history as a multipurpose pond – everything from fishing and migratory bird safe-area to supplying ice blocks for the ice boxes of the local residents.

The pond’s dam was breached in December 2014 after 170+ mm of rain fell within a 30-hour period. The pond is now restored to full operation and ducks have been using the pond since it was re-filled. This project was and still is well supported by the residents who live near the pond with both in-kind and cash support. CBWA has been receiving positive feedback on a daily basis for this project from individuals from the immediate area near the pond and also from people all over West Prince and beyond.

The project goals revisited:

1: Remove damaged pond structure and remove silt from the pond
The old dam structure had been slated for repairs but it became severely damaged by the storm of December 2014, to the point where major structural repairs had to be completed to make it safe and operational. The silt was removed, approximately 300 tandem truck loads, from the pond and disposed of as per government guidelines.
2: Re-build dam
The dam was in worse shape than originally thought. Parts of the concrete structure had to be removed, new forms built, and a new concrete section of dam poured. A new iron dam gate had to be designed, built and inserted into the dam concrete structure. The new design has the desirable option of being opened to allow water flow should major rain events be forecasted or occur; this will prevent the possibility of this dam being breached into the future and potentially prevent damage to highway infrastructure downstream from the dam.
3: Re-seed area surrounding pond
CBWA had to build a rock basket structure on both sides of the dam sleuth because the damage caused by the breach of the dam was more extensive than estimated. Jute matting, straw matting, loose straw and straw bales were used to secure the soil near the dam and pond. We re-seeded the whole area with various grass seed for the best results in establishing a quick sod.
4: Re-flood pond
Result: After completion of the dam, the pond was re-flooded without any issues. It took approximately 7 days to bring the pond back up to full level. As an additional feature CBWA in conjunction with the fire department constructed an emergency water retrieval dry well for use by the department’s fire truck in case of a major fire such as the 2 farm fires in the last 5 years.